The El Paso Mineral and Gem Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization. The purpose of this Society shall be to increase and

  disseminate knowledge about minerals and other geologic materials; to encourage mineral study, collecting and fashioning as a

hobby; to conduct meeting, lectures, displays, field trips, and to sponsor shows for the general edification of the public.


Meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of every month at The Memorial Senior Center, 1800 Byron, El Paso TX at 6:00 PM.

Board Meetings will usually be held a half hour prior to the general meeting. The meeting in July is our yearly picnic – the date to

be announced.


President Teresa Ziraldo (915)526-9445 Show Chair Harry Bruntz (915)345-2415

VP Sandi Colman (915)373-7011 Field Trips Larry Hager (915) 245-1603

Treasurer Riitta Gillespie (915)821-4273 Webmistress Val Provencio (915)491-5765

Secretary Geri Simmons (904)502-0032 Programs/Vacant

Historian Marty Gaugler (915)859-6634 Hostess/Host Vacant

Editor Charlie Christensen (575-640-1203 3 Year Trustee Liz Kosturakis (915)595-1413

Membership Tom Ontiveros (915)565-0665 2 Year TrusteeTom Smith (915)778-5240 School Chair Redgie Medlock (915)565-3739 1 Year Trustee Miguel Chrisman (915)740-0301

What's new& interesting:

THE MUSEUM ROCK SHOW" at the NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

February 22 and 23rd, 2014  CALL FOR VENDORS!   



 The website is www. LCMuseum Rocks.com. They have room left inside the building for those with 50% or less jewelry, plus courtyard spaces and drive in.

  • Deadline for vendors is Jan 15th.
  • Vendor application filled out and 50% of booth cost with the second 50% due January 15th will secure a booth
  • Contact Diane at 575-522-1232.


The Woodward is for sale. They are selling off some rough rocks, equipment and other goodies. ~~The sale in the rock shop is ongoing throughout the Christmas and New Year's holidays. As this is a very busy time, however, you will need to call and set a time you want to visit - 432/364-2271. The sale is ongoing throughout the holidays, however it will not be advertised until after the first of the year. Beginning Jan. 6, the sale will be advertised publicly with set hours.

~~If you'd like an early look at the rock shop sale, please call the above number and set a time you will be available to come out. I'll do my best to accommodate my schedule to your availability. Thanks so much, Jan Woodward